Coffee Program


We are more than just coffee roasters; we are dedicated consultants committed to helping cafes and restaurants stand out in their coffee programs. Our expertise goes beyond the beans, as we work closely with you to craft a coffee experience that distinguishes your establishment. From selecting the perfect coffee profiles to designing exceptional menus and offering comprehensive support, our aim is to elevate your coffee program and make it a standout feature of your business.


Recognizing the diverse components within a coffee program, we provide a range of tailored support services to meet your specific requirements.

Coffee Sourcing & Roasting

  1. Finding and selecting high-quality coffee beans from different origins and varieties.
  2. Customizing the roasting process to achieve the desired flavor profiles for the coffee.

Training & Education

  1. Providing training for baristas and staff on coffee preparation, brewing techniques, and customer service.

Equipment Procurement

1.Assisting in the selection and maintenance of coffee machines, grinders, and other brewing equipment.


Menu Development

  1. Creating a coffee menu that suits the clientele and aligns with the brand's identity.

Branding and Packaging

  1. Designing brand identity and packaging for coffee products.

Quality Control

  1. Implementing quality assurance measures to ensure consistency in taste and quality.


During our initial meeting phase, our primary goal is to develop a deep understanding of your business, brand, and the unique requirements and principles that guide your operations. This in-depth insight will empower us to assess your coffee program with a deliberate and well-defined approach.


This marks the second phase in establishing a wholesale coffee program with our client. Following the initial introduction, we move on to the sampling process. Once we've gained a deeper understanding of your needs, we embark on the journey of coffee sampling, leveraging all the insights gathered during the introduction phase, including pricing and your existing menu.

Training & Support

Our commitment to your success doesn't end at the coffee bean; it extends to the full experience you provide to your customers. With our training and support, you can be confident that your coffee program will not only meet but exceed your customers' expectations, making each cup a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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